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Hacking a game opens the door for “noobs” to win matches. It enables you to tease your friends, no matter whether they are PRO or Lucky!!!

Let’s say you are playing a game like PUBG or Fortnite with friends. These FPS (First-person shooter) games require good ping as well as skills. It’s really difficult to beat the skilled players in these games.

That’s when you badly need those game hacking skills to have some fun.

Hacking a game is not that difficult as you might be thinking. It just requires some time to understand the key concepts like reverse engineering…

Best Augmented Reality Courses
Best Augmented Reality Courses
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Do you want to become an Augmented Reality Developer by learning it online?

Congratulations! you’ve come to the right place. Here, I’ll provide you the best Augmented Reality Courses from where you can learn this amazing technology.

Nowadays, many big tech and e-commerce companies are using it to enhance customer engagement. Amazon, Nike, and Google used this technology for their customers so that they can preview products in their environment. Snapchat is the most common example of Augmented Reality.

AR developer jobs are highly paid jobs in 2021 due to its growing demand.

Machine Learning Algorithms
Machine Learning Algorithms
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Ever since the third industrial revolution, there is a massive increase in data. So, the need for organizing and managing data becomes imperative.

We can process this data through machine learning algorithms to do some predictions. For example:-

  • Movies Recommendation
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Predicting Sports Outcomes
  • Better Inventory Planning

And then one question arises “What is Machine Learning”?

Basically, a machine works according to the instructions given to it. But, if a machine starts learning from its past data and operates according to it then this is called Machine Learning.

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence and…

Blockchain Frameworks
Blockchain Frameworks
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Blockchain is a chain of blocks that contain information. It is the decentralized, immutable ledger that is used in the secure transfer of assets without any involvement of the third-party intermediary.

The first and the most common application of blockchain is Bitcoin which was started by Satoshi Nakamoto. The most common myth and misconception are that people think blockchain and Bitcoin are the same.

They usually get confused between the two.

This is because Bitcoin is more popular than its parent technology. But in reality, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses the mechanism of blockchain for transactions.

Blockchain is the…

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